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Installing new chiller on roof in Kuwait

LPG gas tank in Kuwait

Chilled water to print units in France

Our services include the installation and maintenance of:

Process cooling systems
Temporising units (chilled water in multi-temperature water to units)
High pressure air pipework
Low pressure air (for folders)
Bulk ink storage and high pressure ink lines
Acoustic enclosures
High and low pressure gas mains
LPG gas lines
Fresh air inlet and hot air extract ductwork
Factory warm air heating systems from dryer exhausts
Afterburner extract ductwork
Bulk alcohol distribution
General fabrication and welding (barriers, hand rails and mezzanine flooring)
All types of pipework, welded or screwed (steel, stainless steel, galvanised
grey.gif (837 bytes)steel, copper, PVC)
Thermal insulation

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